DiL SE WiLL is a web portal under its parent company Chessy Group formed by the Directors Mr. Raj Kumar Lakhotia , Mrs. Namita Lakhotia who conceptualized the idea of DiL SE WiLL with the purpose to PROTECT YOUR LEGACY- the indispensible key of happiness, peace & success.

Since the last fifteen years, our founder team is dedicated in providing the services in the field of taxation, tax consultancy, auditing, corporate -finance management consultancy, financial advisory and others. We are a group of companies with young entrepreneurs who take up various projects from time to time. Raj K. Lakhotia is the founder of this group of companies and has a vision to keep creating opportunities which add value to the organization and to the society. “DiL SE WiLL” is one of our new projects. It intends to create and ease the process of making will. Our mission is to create awareness in the masses about the importance of making Will. It provides the best services in the field of Estate and succession planning. Our site also simplifies the process of making effective Will and makes it available to one and all. It is a unique platform for various services.

The positive chemistry amongst our employees and our competent members with varied strengths helps us to become a much sought after service provider.

Our team at DiL SE WiLL aims at exploring the oblivious society where legal information & awareness of making effective Will is a source of strength. Will gives a complete shape to your financial planning. A number of our pioneering initiatives have been borne out of our endeavor to bridge the gap between the long term needs/ future needs which include uncertain/ unforeseen happenings of the clients and the existing solutions to their needs in their lives.

The brand DiL SE WiLL instills trust among our wide base of Clients. Our reputation is based upon our excellent track record. At DiL SE WiLL we ensure complete confidentiality of data and information provided to us. Reliability comes from the standardization in our processes. The entire process is user friendly and affordable to the masses at large. In an online platform, user friendly service provides a vital role as the user is involved at each step. We map our standards to the best in the industry. What our founder member Mr. Raj Kumar Lakhotia believes is the need to include the highest order of professional ethics in the field of work.

For many years, our group’s excellence and our resolute reputation have revolved around quality and efficiency, trust and transparency. Unparalleled and meticulous planning is backed by impeccable services, quality and promptness. We put maximum emphasis on deadlines & professionalism. Last but not the least our passion to excel!

Our Team:

At DiL SE WiLL we have a dynamic and enthusiastic team of competent individuals be it in knowledge, skill, traits or attributes. It is a well chosen team of professionals from various fields. The understanding that competence brings quality has helped us groom ourselves better. Without competence, to deliver work to perfection is far from possible. The individual competencies in various fields of work in our organization are used in a way so we can deliver the best. Every employee and co-worker at DiL SE WiLL is committed and aligned to the vision and mission of the organization. All individuals are committed to group effort. This commitment keeps us going to achieve and deliver the best.

Our main aim is to provide creative and innovative services. We believe in implementing the creative ideas to grow our business, our clients and also to grow our people.